Erik Kallevig

Erik Kallevig

Engineer · Leader · Technologist

I've been building websites for 20 years in finance, tech, media, consulting and startups. As a team leader and engineer, my goal is to develop a fun and rewarding team environment that delivers simple, fast and useful products.


  • Leadership & Development
  • Technical Analysis
  • Platform Architecture
  • Program Management
  • Code Assessment
  • Operations Strategy


  1. Senior Engineering Manager Gannett

    Oct 2012 - Aug 2022

    • Led team of 10 engineers on redesign of and 100+ local news sites serving 100M+ monthly impressions. Mentorship, platform design, code standards, product development. Stack: Python, Django, custom JS framework.
    • Designed and built a platform to digitize millions of public notices. Stack: Next.js (React), Hasura (PostgreSQL), Elasticsearch and a CI/CD pipeline using Github Actions, Kubernetes and Helm.
    • Designed and built an A/B testing platform and conducted live tests to optimize engagement and conversion goals.
    • Implemented and tested personalized content recommendations with behavior-based user profiles.
    • Coordinated on product development with stakeholders across the business: newsroom, marketing, advertising, product, and analytics.
  2. Senior Developer Fantasy Interactive

    Mar 2010 - Oct 2012

    • Web development and product management on client projects including Google's Think Quarterly, Think Insights with Google, A Google a Day, Google 20 Things I Learned About Browsers and the Web, Google Zeitgeist, HTC, Coca-Cola, TravelTex.
    • Worked directly with clients, designers and IA team as developer, product manager and project manager.
  3. Senior Front-End Developer Sportsvite

    Jul 2008 - Mar 2010

    • Front-end web development on core and partner Sportsvite properties:, (Paul Pierce), and
    • Site design and development, scripting dynamic partner components, usability testing, HTML email design, dev, testing and project management.
    • Worked with back-end developers and directly with clients as designer, developer and project manager.
  4. UI Designer-Developer KeyBank

    Mar 2006 - Jun 2008

    • Front-end web development on KeyBank's public website ( and online banking application, promotional design, section redesigns, marketing graphics production, scripting projects, usability testing, content management and documentation solutions.
    • Worked with back-end developers and lines of business.
  5. Front-End Developer EH Publishing

    Jan 2005 - Feb 2006

    • Front-end web development and content management on EH's nine websites supporting the flagship publication, Electronic House, among other periodicals and yearly expos.
    • Site design and promotional graphics on, design and implementation of new magazine website (, CMS development (simpleTAL), subscription form redesigns (circulation), information architecture and promotional email design, coding, and testing.
  6. Web Developer Strom Engineering

    2003 - 2005

    • Designed and developed Front-end and back-end code (HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL), CMS integration, job board, contact forms, copywriting, photography, and client dashboard.

A Few Things I've Done

  • Automated PostgreSQL to Elasticsearch indexing
  • Conducted usability testing sessions
  • Configured edge caching with Fastly VCL
  • Wrote Helm charts for Kubernetes deployments
  • Designed a Javascript component framework
  • Ingested data from a Pub/Sub subscription
  • Plotted locations with a Mercator algorithm and CSS
  • Built CI/CD pipelines with Github Actions
  • Created Google Cloud resources with Terraform
  • Built an A/B testing framework
  • Developed personalized content recommendations

Some Good Ideas

  • Keep it simple. If it's complicated to build, it's complicated to use and maintain.
  • Help each other improve. We learn faster together than apart.
  • Don't reinvent the wheel. Use existing tools when it makes sense.
  • Prioritize performance and efficiency. Less code is better.
  • Think big picture. Will your work make a real impact? If not, change course.
  • Use your products. If you don't like something, speak up.

Tools I've Used

  • agile
  • angular
  • aws
  • babel
  • backbone
  • bash
  • bdd
  • ci/cd
  • css
  • cypress
  • docker
  • elasticsearch
  • express
  • fastly
  • fdd
  • git
  • github actions
  • go
  • gcp
  • graphql
  • grunt
  • hasura
  • helm
  • html
  • java
  • javascript
  • jenkins
  • jest
  • kanban
  • kubernetes
  • less
  • mui
  • mysql
  • next.js
  • node
  • photoshop
  • php
  • postgresql
  • python
  • react
  • redux
  • sass
  • scrum
  • solr
  • tdd
  • terraform
  • typescript
  • uglify
  • varnish
  • vault
  • vcl (fastly)
  • vue
  • webpack
  • web sockets
  • wordpress


  1. Boston University

    2001 - 2005

    Bachelor of Science, Print Journalism